Unity C# Tutorial | Simple Rocket Launch Script

Unity C# Tutorial | Simple Rocket Launch Script

Here I will show you how to make a simple rocket launch script. You can use any rocket model since this script only needs one game object. I used this Low Poly Rocket Launch Complex asset for this tutorial. You can get it here on the Unity asset store if you want to use the same asset.

Simple rocket launch script in action.



  • speed : Initial launch speed
  • acceleration : acceleration value per second
  • maxSpeed : maximum rocket speed

Update method

transform.Translate(Vector3.up*speed*Time.deltaTime, Space.World); : Moves the transform in the direction and distance of translation. We move the rocket in y-axis times speed every second.

if(speed < maxSpeed)
     speed += acceleration * Time.deltaTime;

We want to keep the rocket keep accelerating until it reaches the maxSpeed , so what this code does is if speed less than maxSpeed  we add acceleration value per second until it reaches the maximum speed;

Debug.Log(speed);  with this code, we can trace the speed in the console tab.

That's that, I told you this was a simple one!

Another script example.