NVIDIA GauGAN360: Generate HDRI with a Single Click

NVIDIA GauGAN360: Generate HDRI with a Single Click
Photo by NIKLAS LINIGER / Unsplash

NVIDIA’S new AI model — GauGAN360 can be trained to create 8K panoramas from rough doodles that would be perfect for any Omniverse scene! Now, 3D artists can customize AI art for backgrounds with a simple web interface.

NVIDIA GauGAN360 Demo screenshot

This is so handy for any 3D artist that is looking for some new HDRIs. You can literally generate HDRI from your imagination with a few brush strokes.

NVIDIA GauGAN360 is one of the dozens of programs for 3D content creation, including NeuralVDB and Kaolin Wisp that have just been released to make life a whole lot easier. These new tools enable millions of creative individuals to easily create high-quality 3D designs.

As more content will be created in the virtual world in varied industries such as transportation, healthcare, telecommunications, and entertainment, in addition to product design. With the aim to To simplify and shorten this process, NVIDIA today released new research and a broad suite of tools that use the power of neural graphics for the creators.

Neural graphics is a new field that combines AI and graphics to create graphics that learns from data. Utilizing AI helps automate design choices for artists and creators. This could redefine how virtual worlds are created & simulated.