Free Unity Low Poly WW2 Weapon Package

Free Unity Low Poly WW2 Weapon Package

A total of 23 free Unity Asset Low Poly WW2 Weapons. Everything is optimized and ready to be used in your game! This package is part of the Low Poly Props Ultimate Pack which has a collection of 1001 props ranging from household items to environment props. Feel free to see the whole package Here if you want to know more, cheers!

Prefab list

  1. AssaultRiffle1
  2. Bayonet1
  3. Bayonet2
  4. Bayonet3
  5. Bazooka1
  6. Bazooka2
  7. Flamethrower1
  8. Grenade1
  9. Grenade2
  10. HeavyMachineGun1
  11. HeavyMachineGun2
  12. MachineGun1
  13. Mortar1
  14. Pistol1
  15. Pistol2
  16. Rifle1
  17. Rifle2
  18. Rifle3
  19. Rifle4
  20. SubMachineGun1
  21. SubMachineGun2
  22. SubMachineGun3
  23. Topedo1


Using assets from this site is extremely permissive:

  • You are free to use any of the assets made available for download on this site in your projects.
  • You can use the assets in both commercial and non-commercial projects.
  • You do NOT need to credit this website or any person contributing thereto although anything that helps spread the word is always much appreciated.

Make sure that any assets downloaded from this site are only distributed as part of your creation and not as a standalone product. Simply redistributing the assets is NOT allowed.