How to Create a Facebook Landing Page Easy for your Ad Campaign

Create a Facebook landing page with 5 simple steps.

How to Create a Facebook Landing Page Easy for your Ad Campaign
Custom mobile responsive template.

Facebook ads are great tools for driving traffic to your website. Because this site provides such incredibly detailed information about its user base you can target individuals by age, gender, location, interest, etc.

It also has retargeting capabilities that allow advertisers to target their audiences to other audiences in a variety of industries.

With a good image, you will attract customers. A good Facebook advertisement is just about half that equation.

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How to create a Facebook landing page in 5 steps?

The idea of a Facebook landing page is a bit scary, but the good news is it is much quicker and easier than you may imagine.

It's worth it for you to maintain the best possible Facebook landing pages, but the major potential loss of conversion can easily ruin the results of your campaign. Let's look at creating a Facebook landing page that will redirect the user to another page.

So how to create a Facebook landing page for an ads campaign?

  1. Select your template
  2. Customize the page design
  3. Write your content
  4. Add images
  5. Publish

We will explain every step in more detail and some tips to help you build a Facebook landing page that consistently converts.

Can you put a landing page on Facebook?

Facebook has no landing page creation tool however, it is possible to insert it into an ad using an ad management tool to improve lead generation. Even when it's not necessary, a web design can provide a general guideline to help make your website more noticeable. Facebook suggested simplifying the navigation.

What is a Facebook landing page?

A Facebook landing page is a page designed to convert visitors into leads or sales you're promoting with your Facebook ad or other social media. It provides people with the information they need in order to make a decision.

Landing pages generally have better conversion than the homepage because a landing page directs people where the ad left off to the information they're looking for.

How to create a Facebook landing page?

It is often used to indicate that businesses or marketing agencies hire web developers. The whole process has long and costly consequences. Thankfully, that's no longer true. Landing page builders including Leadpages are very easy to use. There is no code necessary, and even beginners can do it themselves. The best thing is, your website is built in just 30 minutes. Let me explain how to create a Facebook landing page with this landing page builder.

1: Select your template

Leadpages has more than 200 landing page templates for you to select. These templates are designed merely to maximize conversion. They are mobile-friendly and utilize the latest best practices. This means most of the work is already done for you.

When browsing the gallery you can see these templates are categorized by newest, high converting, and most popular. They are also categorized by specific cases like events, newsletters, sales, lead capture, and webinars.

Pick the right template that suits your need.

2: Customize the page design

Now you have chosen a template, it's time to design it your own way. Leadpages has Drag & Drop builder feature that allows you to design, change font color, and layout your landing page. They also have additional integration to add more functionality to your page like Stripe or Calendly bookings.

3: Write your content

Leadpages landing page builder is easy to edit, add, and remove text. With this, you can be more detailed about your brand personality and the benefits of your product or services.

Here are some tips to help you have a good landing page:

  • Create a headline that resonates. About 80% of people will read the headline copy, but just 20% will read the rest of the page.
  • Mention the reader's problem. You're promoting your product or service, which means you have the solution for their problems. State their problem in your copy. This makes them realize you can help them with your product or service.
  • Show your product or service as the solution. This is where you can explain how your product can offer the solution to their problem.
  • Focus on benefits over features. Tell them how it benefits them and why they should want it, instead of describing what your product or service does.
  • List the reasons why they can't reject your offer. Create a list of all reasons why they might don't want to use your service or product then state the objection in your copy and tell them they might be wrong.

Put a Strong call to action. Tell them what action you want them to do like "register now" and ask them to take the offer.

Obviously, you can't put everything on your landing page but this still can be useful tips when writing your landing page copy.

4: Add images

With Leadpages, you can replace any image to replace it yours and drag the image widget whenever you like.

Here are some suggestions for which image to put on your landing page.

  • Smiling face images always win. People are attracted to smiling faces, so it's a no-brainer to include them. They are better to be your own smiling face, you can get more of their trust.
  • Show your product being in use. If you're running a business that sells products, this is a great opportunity to show how your product is used so people know how it works thus attracting them to action. This way is better to get more conversions.
  • Your photo is better. Try not to use too many stock photos, it's convenient but ineffective. For more real interaction, it's better to use your own photos.
  • Experiment. Try to experiment with a few different photos which ones have better conversions.
Leadpages Stripe checkout integration.

5: Publish

After you finish everything and are happy with your landing page. It's time to publish it. You can publish your page with a custom domain that you own, or to a WordPress site using the Leadpages plugin or a free Leadpages subdomain.

Don't forget to link it to your Facebook!

What is landing page and example?

A landing page is a single page that is designed to convert visitors into sales. In order to do this, it provides the visitor with the information and attractive offer they need in order to make a decision.

This is an example of a landing page

How do I start my own landing page?

You can start your own landing page with bold headline about your brand, follow by clear and precise body copy. Put some attractive images, testimonials and end it with call to action button. Dont forget to give attention to your landing page design. Landing page design is one of the key factor if you want to have more conversion.

What is a simple landing page?

Landing page definitions are quite simple – they are specific pages created to capture a visitor’s attention by showing them specific products and services with attractive images, simple product benefits and call to action button. Landing pages are a good method of getting a large audience to attend webinars or advertise new product launches and presales.

What is a landing page and how does it work?

The landing page is a standalone page where the visitor can land upon a page based on an online advertisement. Its role is just to attract visitors with its content strategies that focus to maximize conversion.

What is a landing page in social media?

Landing pages are destinations page that is solely promotional programs. If your followers or fans click on a link that you promote, there will be redirected to a landing page where your interesting offer and product or service information appears, if it looks interesting to them it then may be converted to a sale.

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